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KNF Laboport Vacuum Pump

Diaphragm pump

KNF Laboport Vacuum Pump

Dual Diapgram Chemical Resistant 

This Dual Diapgram pump manufactured by KNF Neuberger with a custom vacuum controll package. This simple controllerdesign provides the user the ability to set the vacuum level with a needle valve.  


Readout and Vacuum Control 

The readout guage units of measurement is in mbar, which is ideal for Rotavap or Rotavapor users. The pump has a flowrate of 20 liters per min. The vacuum depth is 7.9 mbar. 

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KNF Laboport Vacuum Pump with gauge-needle valve

    Price: $1,400.00    

KNF Dual Diaphragm Laboport Vacuum Pump

KNF Neuberger Custom PM 3465-N820.0 ( Similar specification as UN 820.3 FTP ) Dual Diaphragm vacuum pump.With extra gauge and needle valve for non-corrosive applications, 100% oil-free transfer, Used for filtration or for Rotary evaporation. Flow Rate 20 liters/min, Material of construction for the pump head is PTFE, the Diaphragm is also coated in PTFE, Ultimate Vacuum 6 Torr, or 7.9 mbar, or 0.116020 psi, or 7999.93 PA, Tube connections are 3.8" app Dimensions Flow Rate 20 (l/min), Permissible gas and ambient temp range +5...+40 °C, Operating Pressure 15 (psi) 8.2" Height x 6" Width x 12.3 " Length

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