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Advanced Illumination Diffuselite DL194 Dome Light

    Price: $659.00    POD Price: $629.00    

Advanced Illumination DL194 Small Dome Light

Advanced Illumination Dome Diffuselite illuminating light Model DL194  inside dia 15.88 cm (6.25"), outside dia 22.54 cm (8.875"). ... More Info

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MicroFab Jetlab II Printing Platform

    Price: $19,000.00    POD Price: $19,000.00    

JetLab II Platform MicroFab Printer 

MicroFab Technologies Precision Printing Platform Jetlab II, using digital micro dispensing and precision printing technology  enables the micro dispensing of nano metal dispersion's and precursors, liquid solders, adhesives optical and electrical polymers and biomedical materials, with software and computer.


  • Subsystem
  • X-Y travel 200 X 200 mm printable
  • Velocity / Acceleration 100 mm/s
  • Accuracy / Repeatability ±15µm
... More Info

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CEM CSEM Micro Scratch Tester MST

    Price: $14,999.00    POD Price: $12,000.00    

CSEM Micro Scratch Tester MST, Vickers Indentation, Scratch adhesion tester, s/n 05136 boxes of supporting material location 14/6e, barcode# 07471/72

This instrument uses a basic scratching principle for characterizing the adhesive strength of very thin layers deposited on a variety of substrates, while significantly increasing the measurement accuracy for low loads.This Micro-Scratch-Tester provides four different means of analyzing the scratch:

- Acoustic emission detection

- Tangential force measurement

- Scratch depth measurement

- Optical observation through a microscope


Max. scratch length (X-axis): 20 mm

Max. perpendicular displacement (Y-axis): 25 mm

Max. Z-displacement (Z-axis): 100 mm

Max. course of the indentor: 2.5 mm


Translation stage speed: 2-5-10-16-20 mm/min

Loading rate: 1-3-10-30 N/min

Min load in constant load configuration: 50 mN

Sensitivity of the AE signal: 0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 (Arbitrary Units)

Starting load in progressive configuration: 0-1-3-10 N

Cut-off load in progressive configuration: 1-3-10-30 N


Diamond Rockwell Indentor: Radius of 100-200-400-800 um

PC with graphic monitor

Power: 115-230 V, 50-60 Hz

Fuse: 115V/2A, 230V/1A

Max. power consumption: 100 V A

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