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Wyko Industrial Inspection Interferometer

Item # :IN001121020

Wyko Industrial Inspection Interferometer Model PZ-06-SC-SF - used to determine film thickness, Non-contact Optical Profiler. Designed for 3-D surface metrology. With TMC High Performance Lab Table model 632478101.

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Wyco Tool Co.

Wyco Tool Co.


$12,000.00 Good Current

Wyko Industrial Inspection Interferometer

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Make : Fischer Technology
Model : Beta 870
The Fischer Fischerscope Beta 870 measures coating thickness by the beta-backscatter to ISO 3543, ASTM B567, BS 5411 (6) and DIN 50983. Any coating/substrate combination can be measured, provided the atomic numbers of its constituents differ sufficiently.
Make : UPA Technology / Unit Process Assemblies
Model : MD-3
The UPA Micro-Derm Model MD-3 is an electronic non-destructive coating thickness gauge that provides direct digital readout of coating thickness in millionths-inch, mils, or microns. Incorporating solid state IC construction, this precision instrument measures the thickness of all types of coatings on almost any base material. It is fast and accurate and, in combination with specially-designed probes, is ideal for measuring plating and coatings on connectors, flat packs, printed circuit board surfaces and through-holes, terminals, transistor headers and leads, diodes, watchbands, watch cases, jewelry, etc.

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