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Material-Testing - Stress-strain

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Chatillon TCD 200 Tension and Compression Tester

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Chatillion TCD200 Compression Tension Test Stand

The Chatillon TCD 200 Tension and Compression Tester is a self contained, motor driven tension and compression tester designed for testing the resiliency, yield points and breaking strengths of various products and materials up to its capacity of 200 lb. ... More Info

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Instron Universal Testing Machine 5542A

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Instron 5542A Single Column Table-Top Load Frame with 50 N load cell

Universal Testing Machines (or UTM's) apply force to a material in order to induce strain in the material. They measure tensile, flexural, compressive, and shear properties for materials evaluation, application development, and quality control.

The particular test—tensile, flexural, compression, or shear—is classified in terms of the direction in which strain is induced and the speed at which the force is applied.

UTM's stretch, bend, compress, or pull plastic samples at a controlled speed until they break. A very popular application is in plastics processing to test incoming materials for compressive, tensile and flexural properties. Also popular with plastics molders and extruders.

Instron 5542A Configuration:

• Model: Single Column, Table Top
• Load Capacity: 50N load cell
• Maximum Speed: 1000 mm/min (40 in/min)
• Maximum Force at Full Speed: 0.5 kN (112.5 lb)

Components Include:

  • Load Frame
  • Controller
  • Load Cell

Instron approved computer system with Instron application BlueHill software

Testing accessories such as grips, fixtures, load cells, and other accessories can be added for various testing applications such as compression and tensile testing.
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Omega Engineering DP25B-S Digital Strain Meter

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Omega Engineering DP25B-S Digital Strain Meter.  4-Digit LED Display.Built-In Excitation. Wide Range of Units. Peak Memory.Tare Button. The scalable 0-10 Vdc, 0-20 mA, or 4-20 mA analog output can be used for retransmission of the display value or as a proportional control output, as required. The microprocessor-based DP25B series includes instruments for process (dc voltage and current) strain gage, thermocouple, and RTD. Brand new in box.

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