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CEM CSEM Micro Scratch Tester MST

    Price: $14,999.00    POD Price: $12,000.00    

CSEM Micro Scratch Tester MST, Vickers Indentation, Scratch adhesion tester, s/n 05136 boxes of supporting material location 14/6e, barcode# 07471/72

This instrument uses a basic scratching principle for characterizing the adhesive strength of very thin layers deposited on a variety of substrates, while significantly increasing the measurement accuracy for low loads.This Micro-Scratch-Tester provides four different means of analyzing the scratch:

- Acoustic emission detection

- Tangential force measurement

- Scratch depth measurement

- Optical observation through a microscope


Max. scratch length (X-axis): 20 mm

Max. perpendicular displacement (Y-axis): 25 mm

Max. Z-displacement (Z-axis): 100 mm

Max. course of the indentor: 2.5 mm


Translation stage speed: 2-5-10-16-20 mm/min

Loading rate: 1-3-10-30 N/min

Min load in constant load configuration: 50 mN

Sensitivity of the AE signal: 0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 (Arbitrary Units)

Starting load in progressive configuration: 0-1-3-10 N

Cut-off load in progressive configuration: 1-3-10-30 N


Diamond Rockwell Indentor: Radius of 100-200-400-800 um

PC with graphic monitor

Power: 115-230 V, 50-60 Hz

Fuse: 115V/2A, 230V/1A

Max. power consumption: 100 V A

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