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Material-Testing - Densitometer

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X-Rite Inc. 361T Tabletop Transmission Densitometer

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X-Rite Model 361T transmission densitometer assures consistent high quality film output from your image setter.
Measuring Range  0 to >6.0D   0% to 100% (+/- dot) , Measuring Area   1mm, 2mm, and 3mm (0.5mm optional)
Repeatability Ortho,Visual (2mm and 3mm aperture),  ±0.01D (0.0D to 5.0D), +/-2% (5.0D to 5.5D) ±3% (5.5D to 6.0D)
Ortho,Visual (1mm aperture): ±0.01D (0.0D to 4.5D)  ±1% (4.5D to 5.0D) UV (3mm aperture) ±0.01D (0.0D to 3.5D)
±1% (3.5D to 4.0D)  Linearity Ortho,Visual (2mm and 3mm aperture)  ±0.02D (0.0D to 5.0D) ±1% (5.0D to 5.5D)
±2% (5.5D to 6.0D)  Ortho,Visual (1mm aperture) ±0.02D (0.0D to 4.5D) ±1% (4.5D to 5.0D) UV (3mm aperture)
±0.02D (0.0D to 3.5D) ±1% (3.5D to 4.0D) Warm-Up Time 2 minutes, 5 minutes (UV) Zero Stability ±0.02D per 8 hours
Response X-Rite Ortho X-Rite UV Measuring Length (Throat)   10.25 inches

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Macbeth Densitometer Model RD-918

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Macbeth Densitometer Model RD-918, benchtop reflection model with % dot, % trap, null density functions,

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