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HPLC Low Pressure LC

Used Low Pressure LC equipment for sale

HPLC- Low Pressure LC

Liquid Chromatography, or more commonly called Low Pressure LC, is a separation technique in which the mobile phase is a liquid. Unlike HPLC, ordinary Liquid Chromatography relies on the force of gravity to pass liquids.

HPLC Low Pressure LC Manufacturers

The most requested manufacturers are Agilent Technologies Inc., Beckman, and Waters Corporation.

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Pharmacia Biotech Model P-50 Pump

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Pharmacia Biotech Model P-50 Pump

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Pharmacia Biotech Micropurification System Smart System

    Price: $17,999.00    POD Price: $14,400.00    

Pharmacia Biotech Micropurification System Smart System, with u-Separator, u-Precision Pump (dual Titanium head cylinders), U-Peak Monitor and Sample Collector. Fully integrated micro purification system for large and medium sized biomolecules, Nanogram to microgram quantities .

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