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Innovative Technology S-One-M System One Glove Box

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PureLab - Glovebox Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology S-One-M System One Glove Box.
Large and Small Antichambers -15" dia x 24" deep and 6" dia x 17 3/8" deep. Three shelves and power port in chamber. Oxygen Analyzer and Moisture Sensor included.Vacuum Pump included - Edwards RV8 with oil mist filter.Foot pedals for hands free control of box pressure.Unit weighs 750lbs.

he antichamber has a door lifting mechanism so the door lifts gently and cannot close unless pulled down by the user. The glove boxes are modular designed and there are no bolts through the end panel or front window that could cause leaks. All connections are done with copper tubing, which is either welded or connected with KF-40 clamps or swagelok connectors. The system controller is microprocessor based and has no moving parts. The system monitors and controls all box functions. It also has a self-test circuit to aid in trouble shooting should it be necessary. The purifier has a 30lb catalyst bed, which has a capacity 675 grams moisture and 20 liters of oxygen.
30 day warranty

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Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology


$11,000.00 Working Current

Innovative Technology S-One-M System One Glove Box

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Make : Innovative Technology
Model : PL-HE-09-215
PureLab HE Glove Box with 3 glove port, gas purification system and vacuum pump. Has O2 and H20 levels less then 1 ppm.
Make : VAC
Model : DL Series
The Vacuum/Atmospheres DL Series, Dri-Lab is designed for use with Vacuum/Atmoshpheres Dri-Trains and Ni-Trains to establish and maintain an atmosphere of less than 1 ppm contaminants. The unit contains an evacuable chamber (Ante-Chamber) for transfer of parts without contamination of the environment. The Dri-Lab is designed for convenience, efficiency, and operator comfort. Two manuals in stock.

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