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5436 - Nuclepore UHP-76
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Chemglass Filter Vessel 10 liter

    Price: $1,950.00    POD Price: $1,950.00    
Chemglass CG-1959-U10, 10,000 mL Non-jacketed Filter Vessel Body with stainless steel Top and Bottom Flanges. 200mm Flange ID, Approx OD x Height (mm): 215 x 380, top flange having a groove formed in the sealing surface of the flange and a flat ground flange on the bottom ... More Info

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Determination of Total Sediment in Residual Fuels SEDIMENT TESTER 4

    Price: $9,999.00    POD Price: $9,000.00    

Determination of Total Sediment in Residual Fuels. Multiple four cell sediment tester filtration instrument. This unit was designed to comply with ASTM D4870. Unit consists of cabinet with four independent filtration cells, four sintered brass filter support discs, with cells tubing connection in place. Unit does not include steam generator nor vacuum pump. Also complies with these other standards: ASTM D4870-IP 375; IP 390 (Procedure A); ISO 10307; BS 2000 Part 375; NF M07-063

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