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Spinning Band Distillation

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Spinning Band Distillation Equipment

Spinning band distillation is a type of distillation used to separate liquid mixtures which are similar in boiling points. When liquids with similar boiling points are distilled, the vapors produced are mixtures - not pure compounds. Fractionating columns separate the mixture by allowing the mixed vapors to cool, condense, and then vaporize again. This technique uses rotating helical bands (spinning bands) to force the rising vapors into close contact with the descending condensate. The spinning bands are made from either Teflon or metal.

Teflon Versus Metal Spinning Bands

In general, Teflon spinning bands are used for distillations below 225 °C and Metal bands are used for higher temperature distillations.


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Spinning Band Distillation Column

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Spinning Band Distillation Column effective length  25 cm  complete with recycle capability, condenser, and vacuum manifold. The column section is fitted with a custom band heater for controlling the column temperature.
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B/R Spinning Band Distillation Model 36T-100

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B/R Instruments Spinning Band Distillation Model 36T-100  vacuum jacketed silver lined, column dia. 8 mm , column length 90 cm. 


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Kontes-Martin Spinning Band Distillation Still

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Kontes-Martin Spinning Band Distillation Still Used to fractiionate charges as small as 10 ml and as large as 70 ml.  A spinning band of Stainless Steel rotates inside of a precision bore column that is vacuum jacketed and silver lined, achieving high fractionaltion efficiency with minimal hold up. Additional heat compenssating jackets are used for adiabatic balancing of the vapor path to avoid hot spots. 7 temperature monitoring thermocouple positions permit precise control of temperature gradients.  A T-Line Laboratory vaviable speed stirrer is used to motor the band.  A Flexopulse timer unit is used to set the reflux ratio. The unit is mounted on a cabinet that incorporates the electrical, water and vacuum systems. 

Technical Data

Size of charge 2 to 70 ml, Pressure Range Atmospheric to less than 1 mm hg absolute, Holdup Using di-butyl phthalate holdup was found to be between 0.5 and 0.7 ml. at normal biolup rates and at 1 mm hg absolute head pressure.  Biolup rate Varies from 20 to 100 ml/hr, Take off Rate Rate is held below 2 ml/hr for efficient fractionation. Efficiency Theorectical plates values range from 20 to 150 depending on biolup rates , motor speed band material and sample characteristics. Pressure drop at  a 40 ml/hr boilup rate of di-butly phthalate at 1mm hg at the head the pressure drop throught the column is 1.5 mm hg,


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