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PerSeptive Biosystems Peptide Synthesizer Model MPS

    Price: $3,000.00    POD Price: $500.00    

ABI Analytical Peptide Synthesizer

Applied Biosystems (ABI) PerSeptive Biosystems Multiple Peptide Synthesis System (MPS). Peptide Synthesizer functions as a part of the Pioneer Peptide Synthesizer System. Includes 16 parallel peptide synthesis sample lines within chamber, with ability to process 32 parallel peptide synthesis runs using the Pioneer workstation with 2 independent manually operated peptide synthesizers. Model, as shown, does not include Pioneer workstation. Power 24 V DC, 300 mA.

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Argonaut Technologies First Mate

    Price: $2,499.00    POD Price: $1,000.00    

Argonaut Technologies, First Mate, comes in a 206-frame configuration (2 rows of 6 tubes). The FirstMate™ frame can accommodate 2 aluminum blocks each one capable of holding three varieties of glass-made test tubes (13mm x 150mm, 16mm x 150mm, or 25mm x 150 mm) with Teflon® caps. Heating and cooling requires no complex devices. Immerse the device in a dry ice/acetone bath for cooling, or use a commercially-available laboratory hotplate for heating. Agitation continues uninterrupted during both heating and cooling. Optional Hot Plate Stirrer with temperature controller. Please view additional picture.

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