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12367 - Pharmacia LKB Easy Prep Pump Unit
13688 - Pharmacia LKB Easy Prep Pump Unit
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Molecular Devices Threshold Auxilliary Manifold

    Price: $1,299.00    POD Price: $1,000.00    

Molecular Devices Manifold

Molecular Devices Threshold Contaminant Detection System Auxilliary Manifold. The Threshold System (110V) is used to detect and quantitate contaminants, such as residual host cell DNA, host cell protein, bovine contaminants (e.g., BSA, IgG, insulin, transferrin), Proteins A and G, and any unique protein that can be bound by antibodies as well as sequence-specific DNA and plasmid copy number.

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MacConnel Research Mini-Prep 24

    Price: $2,599.00    POD Price: $1,500.00    

MacConnell Research Mini Prep DNA Purification System. Automatically purify plasmid DNA directly from bacterial culture. Mini-Prep 24 processes up to 24 minipreps per hour, Yields of 4 to 8µg of high-copy-number plasmids may be produced from 2mL culture.

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MilliGen/Biosearch Cyclone Plus DNA synthesizer

    Price: $3,499.00    POD Price: $1,600.00    

Cyclone Plus DNA synthesizer

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