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Becton Dickinson FAC Scan Flow Cytometer

    Price: $999.00    POD Price: $500.00    

Becton Dickinson Flow Cytometer   FACScan. The Becton-Dickinson FACScan is an easy to operate single laser analytical flow cytometer. Excitation is via a 488 nm laser line. In addition to the usual scatter parameters, 3 fluorescence colors may be detected for each cell - fixed filters are green (530/30), orange (585/42), and red (650 LP). The instrument has a pulse-processing option for doublet discrimination.

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Radiometer Copenhagen ABL500 Blood Gas Analyzer

    Price: $2,499.00    POD Price: $1,000.00    

Radiometer Copenhagen ABL500 Blood Gas Analyzer with controller 05063

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Coulter Flow Cytometer Model EPICS XL-MCL

    Price: $1,200.00    POD Price: $1,200.00    

Coulter Flow Cytometer Model EPICS XL-MCL, station and System II Software, and power supply module.

Capability to analyze up to 4 colors of immunofluorescence from a single air cooled laser. Other multi-color applications include: multiparametric DNA analysis, platelet studies, reticulocyte enumeration, cell biology/functional studies and as well as a broad range of research applications. 3-color fluorescence with 4-color option, Air-cooled 488nm 15mw laser, 10µ x 90µ light beam,

Detector Range: 300nm-800nm, Flow-Cell Size: 250µ x 250µ BioSense, Max analysis rate: >3300 cells/sec, Min Cell Size, um: <0.5, Max analysis rate: >3300 cells/sec


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Servomed Evaporimeter EPI Skin Analyzer

    Price: $249.00    POD Price: $225.00    

Norcliff Thayer Skin Analyzer, Evaporimeter EPI servomed 

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Molecular Dynamics Phosphor Imager 445 SI

    Price: $1,499.00    POD Price: $990.00    

Molecular Dynamics Phosphor Imager 445 SI,does not have software.

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YSI Life Sciences YSI 2700 SELECT

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Biochemistry Analyzer with autosampler. Benchtop , provides results quickly in 60 seconds, low sample volumes of 25 uL, requires low sample preparation (no filtration or dilution) Provides analysis of Glucose, L-Lactate, L-Glutamine, L-Glutamate, Ethanol , Lactose, Sucrose, Galactose, Hydrogen, Peroxide, Methanol. For more information got to www.ysi.com

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