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Air Particles Analyzers

Used Air-Particles equipment for sale
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Particle Measurement Systems Lasair 510

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Particle Measurement Systems Lasair 510. The Particle Measuring System Lasair 510 Particle Counters are specifically designed for contamination monitoring in cleanroom facilities. This line of aerosol instruments operates using a passive laser cavity and sample flow cell as an integral assembly easily removed for servicing.

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Gardner Associates Small Particle Detector

    Price: $699.00    POD Price: $500.00    

Gardner Associates, Type CN Small Particle Detector, with case and hand vacuum pump. Circa1959.

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Cambridge Accusense QuattroFlow Airflow Analyzer

    Price: $1,199.00    POD Price: $600.00    
Cambridge AccuSense Inc. Quattro Flow Velocity Airflow Analyzer. The Quattro Flow Velocity Analyzer from Cambridge AccuSense is a portable, self-contained unit that provides true air-velocity readings for multiple applications, including cleanroom testing, HVAC design and certification of fume hoods and biosafety cabinets. Works only with outside power source. With carry case. ... More Info

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Micro-Trap Micro-Max II Air Sampling Pump

    Price: $299.00    POD Price: $100.00    

Micro-Trap Micro-Max II Air Sampling Pump

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Air analysis GCA Model PDM-1FZ

    Price: $399.00    POD Price: $400.00    

GCA Model PDM-1FZ - Miniram zero check; for air analysis

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Micro-Trap Micro-Max II Air Sampling Pump

    Price: $249.00    POD Price: $250.00    

Micro-Trap Micro-Max II Air Sampling Pump

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