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Millipore Progard Pack 2 Alone (Long) Cartridge Filter PROG00002

    Price: $275.00    POD Price: $240.00    
Millipore Progard Pack 2 Alone (Long) Cartridge Filter PROG00002 ... More Info

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Sample Bomb , Cylindrical, Titanium

    Price: $949.00    POD Price: $947.00    
Sample Bomb, Titanium, Cylindrical, 3-1/2"dia x 20-1/2"L, 3/8" FNPT on ends, MAWP 800 psia, MWT -20 to 450F. 1.5 liter capacity.

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HP Agilent 1100 G1315A HPLC Diode Array Detector

    Price: $4,500.00    POD Price: $3,999.00    
HP Agilent 1100 G1315A HPLC  Diode Array Detector or " DAD " Detector.

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HP Agilent 1100 G1312A Binary Pump

    Price: $4,500.00    POD Price: $3,999.00    
The Hewlett Packard / Agilent G1312A Binary Pump has 4 solvent inlets and built in gradient control. The Agilent 1100 Series G1312A Bin Pump ensures virtually pulse-free and stable solvent flow, with dual floating pistons in series, precisely servo-controlled. This design with variable stroke volume allows pulse-free solvent delivery and efficient mixing. An inlet-valve electronically activated and synchronized to piston stroke-eliminates vapor formation with volatile solvents and is maintenance free.

Flow range   Set points 0.001 – 5 ml/min, in 0.001 ml/min increments with a flow range of 0.1 – 5.0 ml/min.
Delay volume 180 - 480 uL without mixer, 600 - 900 uL with mixer.

... More Info

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Modern Engineering MECO gas regulator

    Price: $100.00    POD Price: $100.00    
Modern Engineering MECO gas regulator with two monel pressure gauges 0-100 psi and 0 -3000 psi.  316 stainless valve on bottom - being sold as-is no CGA for regulator-  on the back of the regulator  Type-0  0-1-L
... More Info

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Glas-Col Aluminum Heating Mantle TM110 2000 ML

    Price: $199.00    POD Price: $149.00    
Glas-Col Aluminum Heating Mantle TM114 500 Watts, 115 Volts  450 C max 2000 ML Flask

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CME Model FM501 Square-Wave Electromagnetic Flowmeter

    Price: $250.00    POD Price: $250.00    

Carolina Medical Electronics Model FM501 Square-Wave Electromagnetic Flow meter  Used in measuring a wide spectrum of blood flow. A panel meter indicates a mean volumetric flow in milliliters per minute.   115 Volts  50/60 hz  comes with 2 cables

... More Info

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Precision Shallow Form Shaking Bath

    Price: $500.00    POD Price: $300.00    

Precision Model 66799 Shallow Form Shaking Bath, Digital heater and shaker control. Reciprocating shaker, Tmax 100 C, Chamber: 15 in x 12 in x 7.5in deep, 120 Volt, 60 Hz, 8.0 Amps, 1000 Watts,120 volts, 1000 watts, 8.3 amps.

... More Info

InventoryList  >>  Baths-Circulators   >>  Shaking


Southland Cryogenics Helium Storage tanks

    Price: Please Call    
Southland Cryogenics Inc Cryogenic storage tanks

InventoryList  >>  Refrigeration   >>  Cryogenic


Thermo Savant Refrigerated Vapor Trap Model RVT 4104

    Price: $2,500.00    POD Price: $1,999.00    
Thermo Savant Refrigerated Vapor Trap Model RVT 4104, Ultra-low temperature of -104 C, includes a built in temperature gauge and vacuum pump interlock to protect the pump from accidental contamination.

... More Info

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Lauda Alpha RA 12 Chiller Recirculator

    Price: $3,000.00    

Lauda Brinkmann Alpha RA12 Chiller / Recirculator. Temp range -25 to 100 C. 14.5 liter capacity. Max flow 15 L/min. , Thermostatic bath/circulator with LED, simplest operation and integrated cooling system, 1-line LED display for display of actual or set temperature, User-friendly menu guidance with simplest 3-key operation, Fully electronic continuous controller, Low level and over temperature protection for use with non-flammable liquids, Acoustic and visual alarm, Circulating pump with flow reduction, Cooling through intelligent energy saving system (compressor automatic), Bath from stainless steel

Working temperature range -25 °C ... 100 °C
Temperature control ± 0.05 °C
Heater power 1.5 kW
Cooling capacity at 20 °C 0.325 kW
Pump pressure max. 0.2 bar
Pump flow max. 15 L/ min
Bath volume 14.5 L
Bath opening (W x D)     300 x 190 x 160 mm        12 x 7.5 x 6.3 inches 
Overall Dimensions (W x D x H)   365 x 500 x 605 mm        14 x 19.6 x 23.8 inches


... More Info

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Sorvall Microcentrifuge Rotor F-12/M.18

    Price: $100.00    POD Price: $99.00    

Sorvall 18 place 45 deg fixed angle rotor, F-12/M.18 for Sorvall MC-12V Microcentrifuge. Accepts centrifuge tubes as well as tube size of: 12 mm.  x 40 mm.

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Stratagene PosiBlot 30 30 Pressure Blotter and Control Station

    Price: $500.00    POD Price: $300.00    
Stratagene PosiBlot 30 30 Pressure Blotter and Pressure Control Station

InventoryList  >>  Biotechnology   >>  Blotting


Precision Water Bath Model 183

    Price: $125.00    POD Price: $100.00    
Precision Water Bath Model 183, temp: 25 to 100 C. working vol. 12 x 13 x 6" D, 110 volts, 400 watts

InventoryList  >>  Baths-Circulators   >>  Heated-Baths


New Brunswick Environmental Shaker Model G24

    Price: $1,500.00    POD Price: $1,300.00    
New Brunswick Environmental Shaker Model G24

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PolyScience Model 1112 Immersion Heater Circulator

    Price: $400.00    POD Price: $300.00    
PolyScience Model 1112 Immersion Heater Circulator, Tmax 100 C, 

InventoryList  >>  Baths-Circulators   >>  Open-Baths


Savant Speed Vac Concentrator with RH50 287 rotor

    Price: $300.00    POD Price: $199.00    
Savant Speed Vac Concentrator  with 50 place rotor Model RH50-287

InventoryList  >>  Evaporators   >>  Centrifugal


PE Lambda 18 Uv-Vis Spectrophotometer 12775

    Price: $5,999.00    POD Price: $4,999.00    
Perkin Elmer Lambda 18 Uv/Vis Spectrophotometer  Lamps,  Tungsten, deuterium,  wavelength range: 185-900 nm
Two radiation sources, a deuterium lamp and a tungsten-halogen lamp cover the working wavelength range for the spectroscopy of photons. Automatic source change occurs during monochromator slewing; and, programmed optical filters also perform automatic filter change. The double-monochromator system carries out ratio recording using two monochromators in series in a Littrow configuration. Holographic gratings used in each monochromator complete the optical system.Specifications

The PE Lambda 18 is a double-beam, double-monochromator, all-reflecting optical system which operates in the ultraviolet (UV) & visible (Vis) spectral ranges.

Useable wavelength range, 185 nm—900 nm, Resolution, 0.1 nm—5.0 nm in 0.01 nm increments, Automatic source change, Total, diffuse, and specular transmission and reflectance, Determining concentration, Measuring absorbance ... More Info

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Thermo BlueM Lindberg Mini-MiteTube Furnace 1 in Diameter

    Price: $1,200.00    POD Price: $1,000.00    

Thermo BlueM Lindberg MiniMite Tube Furnace 1 inch in Diamter - 115 V   2 CAL controllers used for primary and overtemp setpoint's. The elements look in excellent condition.  Type  55035 DP  1000 C

... More Info

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Waters Alliance 2695 HPLC Separations Module and 2996 Detector

    Price: $15,000.00    POD Price: $13,000.00    

Waters Alliance 2695 HPLC Separations Module with a Waters 2996 Photodiode Array Detector and an Empower computer with software that came with the system.

InventoryList  >>  Chromatograph-Liquid   >>  System


TMS Isolation Table

    Price: $899.00    POD Price: $799.00    

Technical Manufacturing Corporation isolation table model 77-129-178. Top 100 x 75 cm. 50 mm thick. 1/8 inch skin thickness. Max dampening level. Table app. 35 inches high (adjustable feet).

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Tecan Genesis RSP 100 8

    Price: $3,999.00    POD Price: $2,999.00    

Tecan Genesis RSP 100 8. Robotic Sample Processor. The Genesis RSP allows selection of any number of samples for analysis up to a maximum of 96; rapid processing of samples is possible due to the inclusion of an 8-channel pipettor. An extraction system is available that eliminates possible cross-contamination by using a checking procedure that sets aside any wells where clogged filters are detected. Software and computer not included.

... More Info

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CINC V2 Explosion Proof Centrifugal Separator Extractor

    Price: $4,000.00    POD Price: $3,500.00    
CINC V2 Explosion-Proof Continuous Centrifugal Separator-Extractor 220 volts 3 phase,  Hastelloy C, Mix, React, and Separate liquid -liquid mixtures in a single device.  Flexible design with mounting bracket Highly flexible design operates effectively under changing inlet concentrations, variable flow rates, and flow disruptions, A second inlet port allows the introduction (down to 20 mL/min) of mixing additives to the liquid for extraction, reaction and washing. Type-3MX4-48412, Spec. W2122-3.  1/4 hp, 1725 rpm, 60 Hz, temp code T3. Class 1, Division 1, Group C D.
The unit was used with a series of: Tuthill Pump Co., Series D Pump  Model DDH1 6TTTT2WN00000 Positive Displacement-Mag Coupled Drive. Hastelloy C276,  pump size: 0.11 ml / rev, flow rate up to  6 GPH @3500 RPM, port size: 1/4" NPT. 220 volts, 3 phase motor drive, PTFE bearing material, and PTFE O-Rings
... More Info

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Agilent 1100 HPLC System DAD Diode Array Dectector

    Price: $19,000.00    POD Price: $17,500.00    

Complete Agilent 1100 HPLC system  High Performance Chromatography System 

• Solvent Tray

•  G1322 Degasser  

•  G1311A Quat pump,

•  G1313A Autosampler with tray, 

• G1316A Column Compartment / Oven,

G1315B DAD - Diode Array Detector

• LC Chemstation Data System with keyboard, monitor and mouse

... More Info

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Eppendorf Micromanipulator 5171

    Price: $4,500.00    POD Price: $3,500.00    

Eppendorf Micro manipulator 5171 Complete: Module Unit, Control Board ,Power Unit and Stand. Used for micro positioning applications as microin ection electrophysiological measurements and micro dissection. 3 modules (X,Y,Z) consists of a drive unit with stepping motor and special head piece. The x module has the cannula holder for tio insertion. 

... More Info

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